Cannabis dispensaries and wholesalers quickly build relations as they strive to concur with the rapidly growing cannabis market. Additionally, the market welcomes new products, including various edibles and concentrates such as ‘Apple Sauce,’ Diamonds and Sauce, ‘Live Resin and Budder. And American Green Inc (OTCMKTS: ERBB) is excited to produce all this using its in-house grown selection of cannabis genetics. 

America’s second publicly traded company in the cannabis sector has also established a new management services agreement with Curaleaf Holdings, Inc (OTCMKTS: CURLF). For five years, American Green will run Cureleaf’s two cultivation facilities in Arizona, a move expected to give the company close to $2.1 million in annual revenue. The good news is that American Green’s premium products are used in various Curaleaf and Select products. 

And according to American Green’s president David G. Gwyther, “…We will continue to provide our premium cannabis grown at our “Sweet Virginia” grow and provide the quality customer service that Curaleaf has been accustomed to so we can earn those future agreement extensions.”

The Launch of CBD and Hemp Products with Groupon Nationwide

Through its Online Emporium, American Green demonstrates year-over-year growth and sales of its CBD and Hemp products. And its anticipation is to have more revenue by the close of September. 

That said, the company is expanding its E-commerce operations by launching on This will enable the purchase of its CBD and Hemp Products on the platform through the use of vouchers located in it. Groupon is another source of revenue stream, and the company is expectant that it will echo the success it is already enjoying from its launch on Amazon. Com. 

Gwyther says they are thrilled with the whole project, given that they are very few outlets offering CD products on Groupon. However, he adds that their primary aim is to provide innovation and new ideas into the new markets to drive rapid growth into the thee-commerce space. Seemingly, Groupon has over 24 million customers nationwide, and it is coming very fast to optimize market operations. 

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