Amyris Inc (NASDAQ: AMRS) has announced the successful commencement of fermentation at the Barra Bonita, Brail-based new precision fermentation factory. 

Amyris commences fermentation in Barra Bonita factory 

The new greenfield facility at Barra Bonita makes Amyris the top industrial producer of highly modified organisms. In addition, a strategic investment was made in an exceptional precision fermentation factory to address the rapidly expanding need for cleaner, ecological, chemistry-based solutions for the personal care, beauty, and wellness & health markets.

The facility comprises five pinpoint accuracy fermentation “mini-factories” that can simultaneously produce all Thirteen of Amyris’ commercially available compounds as well as upcoming bio-fermented goods. With the manufacture of natural vanillin, squalane, sugarcane-based Reb M, squalene, patchouli, hemisqualene, and other compounds, the plant’s output is completely committed up to the end of 2023. After many years of working under 3rd party capacity supply shortages, the factory will enable Amyris to more effectively meet the needs of its component clients.

COO Eduardo Alvarez said, “The commissioning and start-up of our Barra Bonita facility is a significant milestone for Amyris. I am very proud of the team that has engineered and constructed our new plant in record time and during an unprecedented pandemic. “Our team has delivered the world’s leading precision fermentation facility for producing natural products using highly engineered organisms. Over 800 people have played an important role in the successful execution of this project.”

The plant will allow Amyris to meet the demand 

The company is delighted to run an ultramodern in-house production facility that permits it to produce efficiently to address customer demand going forward. Interestingly, the company is transitioning to sustainable components via fermentation. 

By utilizing cutting-edge robotics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, the Amyris platform enables businesses to quickly introduce new innovations to the marketplace at a large scale. Over 20,000 offerings from the greatest companies in the world contain components from Amyris, hitting more than 300 million people. To satisfy the growing need for products that are sustainable, efficient, and affordable, Amyris also manages and owns a family of global brands that are continually evolving.

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