Amyris Inc. (NASDAQ:AMRS) has announced the signing of an agreement to acquire Beauty Labs International Ltd. Beauty labs is an AI tech leader offering breakthrough connected consumer experiences in the wellness and beauty sector.

Amyris acquires Beauty Labs to accelerate growth for clean beauty products

The acquisition is part of Amyris’ accelerating growth and industry leadership in clean beauty through digital innovation, enhancing consumer experience to its brands comprising PipetteĀ®, BiossanceĀ®, Rose Inc., Terasana, Costa Brazil, and JVN. Amyris’ brands will leverage Beauty Labs’ state-of-the-art AI tech to create personalized, compelling, connected experiences and accelerate the growth of its commercial revenue.

Mark Gerhard, Beauty Labs Founder, said that they are delighted to be part of Amyris, which will help them pioneer the next-gen digital consumer experiences. He added that connected users will define the future of the wellness and beauty sector, and they are delighted to join Amyris to deliver that experience.

Amyris CEO and President John Melo said that Mark and his team will bring a distinctive mindset to the company to accelerate revenue growth via deeper customer connections. Melo said that they are building and growing top clean beauty brands committed to an omnichannel approach in which digital experience is vital.

Amyris signs partnership with Reese Witherspoon

Recently the company announced a five-year collaboration with Reese Witherspoon to be BiossanceĀ® global brand ambassador. Biossance is currently among the fastest-growing sustainable and clean skincare brands globally. The company and Reese will partner to define the future of clean beauty by leveraging Witherspoon’s global leadership in entertainment and passion for education.

Witherspoon said that she has been conscious about what is being put on her skin, and she has learned a lot in the course of her career. She said that with her knowledge growing, so has the desire to use sustainable and clean beauty products.

Biossance president Catherine Gore said that Witherspoon is an education and empowerment champion. Gore said that they are delighted to partner with Witherspoon to advance their mission for clean products.

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