Avant Brands Inc (OTCMKTS: AVTBF), formerly known as GTEC Holdings Ltd., or GTEC Cannabis Co., announced that the company has rebranded itself and changed its name to Avant Brands, and got listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Graduated to Toronto Stock Exchange: As per the company, the efforts of the company in the past to expand its business and feature them as one of the promising companies for the cannabis product have yielded good results. The company has multiple licensed cannabis products and processing facilities, with two distinctive brands that have been sold across the provinces and territories in Canada. 

The brand Avant has moved a step forwards and graduated from the TSX Venture Exchange to the Toronto Stock Exchange, as per the management. The movement brings a new life to the company and provides an opportunity to increase its profile in the competitive cannabis market of North America. With a name change and the graduation, the look and feel of the company website have also been changed. The company will align all the branding activities to the new corporate identity Avant. As per the company, Avant is one of the leading producers of innovative cannabis products, marketing, and branding.

A new chapter to bring new life: Industry believes that new name and graduation will attract more sets of the investor to the company. The company’s medical brand (GreenTec) is directly sold to qualified patients through online platforms and distributors. Avant bran includes those products, which are produced from rare and exceptional cultivars, and sold in Ontario, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Yukon, and Manitoba. As per the company, its product is highly in demand across recreational and medical channels. Avant is a publicly-traded corporation, with its primary listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange, secondary listings on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and OTCQB.

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