Ayr Wellness Inc (OTCMKTS: AYRWF) has opened its 47th dispensary in Florida at Clermont, Orlando. It is also near Clermont Historical Village. The retail space is 4000 square feet. It also has several products by Ayr, including vapes, concentrates, gummies, edibles, and flower. The store will also sell the company’s new Kynd products and pre-rolls from Walking STiX.

According to the CEO, Founder, and Chairman of Ayr, Jonathan Sandelman, the company is trying to open multiple dispensaries in Florida, one of the biggest cannabis markets in the U.S. The company believes that its willingness to expand its footprint and create new products will strengthen its position in Florida.

How Ayr has shown commitment to Florida 

The company’s expansion in Florida began when it purchased Liberty Health Sciences in November 2021. This acquisition gave the company 31 dispensaries. Since then, the company has opened 16 more and doesn’t plan to stop there.

Ayr also showed its dedication to Florida when it moved its New York headquarters to Miami last year. According to Florida OMMU, the state has about 715,000 patients in a medical marijuana program.

The decision to move to Florida and increase its operations in the state could prove fruitful for the company. The reason is that Florida is the third-largest cannabis market in the U.S that has legal sales. As a result, companies like Ayr that have the authorisation to sell cannabis could benefit from the market.

The Florida cannabis market is growing steadily 

The Florida cannabis market generated $1.8 billion in revenue in 2021. This amount could increase to $3.4 billion by 2026. The reason is the increased acceptance of cannabis by the community.

Ayr Wellness is a cannabis company that operates in multiple states. It deals in both medical and adult-use cannabis. The company focuses on cultivating, processing, wholesale, and retailing cannabis and cannabis-infused products.

Ayr Wellness believes in providing its customers with quality products. For this reason, the company started at the root by emphasising quality cultivation. Its quality yield enables the company to make products which its customers can enjoy.

Ayr sells its products under different brands, including Entourage, STiX, and Kynd.

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