Ayr Wellness Inc. (OTCMKTS: AYRWF) has announced the opening of its 39th dispensary in Florida, Liberty Health Sciences Ocala. 

Ayr launches 39th dispensary in Florida 

The dispensary sits on 3,000 sq., ft. of space at 4920 E Silver Springs Boulevard, Ocala, Florida along one of the busiest roads. The plaza where the dispensary is located has 50 parking spaces with markets, restaurants and other stores within. Most importantly, Libert Health Sciences Ocala will feature an expanded flower strains selection including the recently unveiled Big Pete’s Cookies and Origyn concentrates. 

Ayr CEO Jonathan Sandelman said, “We believe this is a critical time to be opening dispensaries in the Florida marketplace, putting our stake in the ground in attractive locations throughout the state. We now have 39 open stores in Florida and are targeting eleven more store openings before the end of the year. We continue to invest heavily in improving our cultivation quality and capacity to upgrade our product offerings and contribute to an improved customer experience. The results of these investments are beginning to pay off, and we could not be prouder of our team.”

Land of Lincoln wins retail dispensary license in Illinois 

Recently, the company announced that Land of Lincoln Dispensary, LLC had won a conditional retail cannabis dispensary licenses in Illinois through the state’s lottery process. Ayr is a 49% equity partner in Land of Lincoln dispensary whose location will be Bloomington, Central Illinois. The Metro area has a population of around 190,000 but only has two dispensaries serving the area. 

Sandelman said, “Illinois presents an incredible opportunity for Ayr, and we are incredibly grateful to work with Land of Lincoln to make this happen. We could not think of a better partner as we look to bring the Wellness and Wonder of Ayr to Bloomington.”

Also Ayr announced Herbal remedies Dispensaries LLC acquisition in Illinois representing g the company’s first move into the state. 

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