Ayr Wellness Inc (OTCMKTS: AYRWF) has announced that it has received a license from the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission. The license allows the company to sell adult-use cannabis at its Boston AYR Back dispensary.  The commission voted in favour of the license on May 13.

The location has a high traffic

According to CEO, founder, and chairman of the Ayr, Jonathan Sandelman, the decision will make Boylston Street dispensary the first to sell adult-use cannabis in the area. This news is great for the company as the town is one of the best cannabis markets in the city.

Sandelman explains that the dispensary is across from Prudential Centre, a shopping centre with over 60,000 people visiting it daily. It is also next to Apple, which attracts many customers and is surrounded by high-end restaurants and bars. Moreover, surrounding it is a premier residential community. The company says that this location has one of the highest traffic clamoured to its other dispensaries.

Sandelman adds that Ayr believes there is more to business than being a good neighbour. The company believes in making a change in the communities it is part of. For this reason, Ayr is happy to be involved in developing Back Bay Area through its business. The company is excited about this new phase of its journey and is happy to open its store in June.

The company has executed two host agreements

The dispensary and the Cannabis Board in the City of Boston have a Host Community Agreement they executed on November 16, 2020. The company also has two other Host Community Agreements for the city that it executed in October 2020.

 One of the agreements is in Somerville and the other in Watertown. Ayr has medical dispensaries in Somerville. It intends to work with the Cannabis Control Commission to get authorisation for the sale of adult-use cannabis in these areas.

Ayr Wellness did a U.S Cannabis company that operates in multiple states. The company believes in selling quality cannabis products. Because of this, the company focused on cultivating quality cannabis and processing it into fine products for its customers to enjoy. Ayr is also intent on serving the communities where it operates its dispensaries.

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