Branded Legacy Inc. (OTCMKTS: BLEG) has launched two Spikes CBDX Delta 8 Gummies, adding to its long list of CBD tinctures and topicals.  

Branded Legacy launches two flavors of Delta 8 Gummies 

The company launched the Delta 8 products last week, adding to its Spikes CBDX lineup, and considering Delta 8 is growing its popularity, the company is tapping into the burgeoning market. Gummies are a customer favorite, and product alternatives are expanding on the market. Spikes CBDX will debut two Delta 8 Gummies flavors, including Strawberry and Blue Raspberry. As interest for Delta 8 grows, the company expects a significant sales increase from merchants in the key markets where the Spikes CBDX team is working.

Delta 8 has quickly risen to the top of the hemp product popularity charts since last. Edibles have become the preferred method of consuming Delta 8 products. Spikes CBDX discovered this to be a must-have product in growing its business after conducting extensive research.

Matthew Nichols, the company’s VP, said, “I expect to see an increase in sales right away based on conversations with customers and the sales team. Spikes CBDX is moving in the right direction and quickly.”

Branded Legacy establishes new wholesale partnerships 

The company had also announced a new wholesale accounts partnership in Gainesville, Florida, and Shelby, NC. Following the debut of the new Delta-8 product, the company hit the ground rolling with the first purchase order. Bradley Sports in Shelby, NC, a new wholesale client for the Spikes CBDX team, has ties to Chairman of the Board, Brandon Spikes. Also, sales of the whole Spikes CBDX lineup are increasing thanks to a new partner, Sacred Leaf Shops, located at 3743 W University Ave, Gainesville, FL 32607. 

Nichols said, “The Spikes CBDX team has been collaborating on the expansion strategy, and we believe these partnerships are great starting points to grow Spikes CBDX revenues where Brandon Spikes has significant impact.”

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