Cannabix Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS: BLOZF) is pleased to receive a patent for its Cannabis Drug Detection Device (CDDD) from CIPO (Canadian Intellectual Property Office). The company develops point of care (POC) breath testing technologies to identify THC, which leads to impairment. 

Raj Attariwala said the company applied for this patent in 2015. The patent from CIPO protects its IP – THC detection and helps the company build upon it because of technological advancements and insights made in molecular gas analysis. 

Ships THC Breath Analyzer 

Cannabix Technologies delivered THCBA (THC Breath Analyzer) in June 2021 for beta testing at Northwestern, the US-based clinic. The clinic offers testing operations for employers across the nation. During the beta testing, the clinic tests the usability and administrator experience of the THCBA prototype to detect cross-reactivity of the substances among the semi-controlled study population. 

Employers can use THC Breath Analyzer to test their employees non-invasively for the recent THC use quickly. Rav Mlait, Cannabix Technologies, said New York, New Jersey, Arizona, and Oregon legalized marijuana for recreational use in the past several months. Other states such as Connecticut, Montana, New Mexico, and Virginia are following the suit to either decriminalize the possession of cannabis or legalize cannabis use. As a result, AAA and IIHS outline the impact of cannabis use on driving. Therefore, the US expects to see a massive change regarding the use of cannabis. Cannabis Technologies is ahead in developing new tools to ensure the public’s safety besides creating a fair technology for cannabis testing.

The prospects for cannabis testing

The demand for cannabis testing in the US is $2,012.7 Million in 2020. It expects to reach $4,182.9 Million in 2027. The cannabis testing activities continued in New York and California even during the COVID-19 pandemic. It helps to provide treatment for patients using cannabis and produce cannabis for medical use. 

Large-scale R&D and validation are required to find the effectiveness of cannabis. However, according to the recent results, cannabis extracts can be used for throat gargle or mouthwash to get protection from coronavirus. In the US, several employees are easing marijuana testing to recruit more workers. 

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