CLS Holdings USA Inc (OTCMKTS: CLSH) has announced a joint venture with RANSON SHEPHERD. The 50/50 collaboration is for the production of pre-rolls which represented approximately 11% of cannabis sales in Nevada in the previous year.

This announcement follows a successful year for CLS Holdings, where the company reported record sales at both wholesale and retail levels.

Details of the joint venture

They will manufacture their rolls while also producing them for other brands. The current price for a pre-roll is about $3 per unit. For the project, the companies plan to make pre-rolls at an existing 22,500 square foot manufacturing plant belonging to CLS, thus eliminating extra costs. Both companies hope to create more job opportunities with their project.

The two companies expect that the collaboration will allow quick production of affordable, high-quality pre-rolls. CLS and Shepherd plan to produce more than 200,000 pre-rolls every month after their start-up period. The company will have .5/.8/1.0 grams cannabis-infused pre-rolls. Production is to begin in 2022 during the first quarter.

According to Andrew Glashow, the COO and president of CLS, the company looks forward to launching its high-quality products, which will help it grow. Their latest collaboration will only accelerate their success. With Ranson having achieved quick success within a short time, CLS is excited to work with it on its next project.

Services offered by CLS Holdings

CLS, which stands for Cannabis Life Sciences, is a cannabis company that focuses on the production of cannabis and sales through its Nevada Oasis Cannabis subsidiaries. The company uses a unique method to extract cannabinoids from cannabis plants and creating products with higher consistency and quality. Its products consist of concentrates like shatters, oils, edibles and waxes, which are used for vaping and pharmaceutical purposes.

CLS also provides consulting services to other cannabis businesses such as laboratories, dispensaries, and growers. However, the majority of its revenues are generated from the sale of cannabis and cannabis-based products.

Since cannabis dispensaries opened in 2015 in Nevada, Oasis Cannabis has been a leading cannabis retailer. Oasis Cannabis sells quality and affordable cannabis products for both medical and adult use.

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