Cronos Group Inc (NASDAQ: CRON) has announced the launch of its first-of-a-range products expected in collaboration with Geocann. The products will use the Advanced VESIsorb delivery tech, which offers enhanced bioavailability and quick absorption.

VESIsorb formulations offer enhanced bioavailability and rapid absorption 

VESIsorb formulas have established an industry standard by providing enhanced pharmacokinetic performance, including quick absorption, increased area under the curve, and enhanced plasma concentration.  

The company’s CEO, Mike Gorenstein, said, “We are committed to bringing breakthrough innovations to the market, providing consumers with differentiated and high-quality products. Working with Geocann’s technology enables us to expand our product offering to bring consumers a fast-acting cannabinoid product with a quicker onset than previously available, along with improved efficacy, helping enhance and differentiate effect and experience.”

VESIsorb is a premier innovative delivery system for instant bioavailability enhancement for difficult-to-absorb components such as terpenes and cannabinoids. Both e peer-reviewed studies and pilot tests have demonstrated the rapid absorption of this proprietary technology. Geocann supplies the VESIsorb delivery systems from flavonoid formulations, terpenes, and cannabinoids. The company is popular for its considerable investments in product research and development to meet market demand. 

Geocann and Cronos positioned to set a new industry standard for CBD products

Geocann CEO and founder Jesse Lopez said, “As leading companies in our respective sectors, Geocann and Cronos are uniquely positioned to set new industry benchmarks for the performance of cannabinoid products. Most importantly, Geocann is proud to support the innovative brands under the Cronos umbrella.”

The CBD Gel Capsules by Lord Jones are the first jointly-released VESIsorb-formulated item. The businesses anticipate working together on cutting-edge formulations and products in the future.

These product compositions give cutting-edge answers to unmet market demands and unparalleled economic edge, with a substantial body of extensive clinical research and exclusive scientific data supporting them. In addition, with the VESIsorb drug delivery system technological platform, Geocann’s intellectual property (IP) portfolio is strong and includes the exclusive global rights for Flavonoids, cannabinoids, and terpenes.

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