Curaleaf Holdings Inc.(OTCMTS: CURLF) and B Noble Inc. have launched B Noble Brand in Maryland and Massachusetts, and national rollout will continue into the fall of 2021. The launch supports the shared commitment to promote social equity in cannabis and offers a chance for those affected by the war on drugs. 

B Noble was created to raise cannabis awareness 

Hip-hop pioneer, filmmaker, and visual artist Fab 5 Freddy founded B Noble to create awareness and generate funding to support individuals from cannabis-related incarceration. The company is dedicated to relaying the narrative of Bernard Noble, the brand’s namesake, imprisoned in Louisiana and sentenced to 13 years in prison for possession of an equivalent of two rolls. His case gained attention, and he was released in 2017, seven years to his sentence. 

To draw attention to Bernard’s harsh punishment, the B Noble brand will collaborate with Curaleaf to release two packs of high-quality one-gram pre-rolls on 7/13. This date represents the seven years of a 13-year sentence he served and signified the two grams of marijuana for which Bernard was imprisoned.

Curaleaf partners with B Noble to launch one gram pre-rolls 

Fab 5 Freddy said, “Making the film ‘Grass is Greener’ for Netflix, I got an in-depth education about the history and truth around cannabis. And the many lies told that led to this vital plant’s criminalization and the thousands of lives damaged, like Bernard Noble’s, which became a call to action for me.”

Joe Bayern, Curaleaf CEO, said, “We are incredibly proud to bring this brand and product to market with Bernard Noble and Fab 5 Freddy. Bernard’s life epitomizes the countless individuals who share his story, and this partnership serves as a reminder of the change and opportunity that can happen when people work together. We at Curaleaf are thrilled to use our national platform to advance social equity in cannabis, and support a brand with such tangible purpose.”

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