Digital Asset Monetary Network Inc. (OTCMKTS:DATI) has announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Mass Ideation Inc. As per the alliance agreement, Mass Ideation Founder and CEO Miguel Sanchez will oversee the onboarding and acceleration process of the PAI Ecosystem.

DigitalAMN enters strategic alliance with Mass Ideation

Sanchez will bring vast experience and knowledge in business support services, especially in tech development, entrepreneurship mentorship, and business acceleration. Interestingly, Sanchez is a MetaBronx Inc. co-founder, an accelerator for a diversified group of undervalued entrepreneurs. He also mentors disadvantaged youth in business and tech.  Through the provision of impactful internships, he does so, enabling students to work with development-stage companies, startups, and accomplished executives.

As part of the collaboration, Sanchez will participate in the company’s onboarding process and implement a modified accelerator program. The prices will ensure that development stage companies or startups become viable investment opportunities by the time the crowdfunding campaign is launched through the company’s PAI ecosystem.

DigitalMN CEO Ajene Watson said that they want each client firm that launches a crowdfunding campaign through their ecosystem to have a chance of succeeding in the long term, compared to when they go independently through equity crowdfunding portals. Watson added that Sanchez and Mass Ideation have expedience in tech and business acceleration, vital in client onboarding and managing early business development services.

DigitalAMN supporting businesses through PAI ecosystem

The company said that it will be the first business to leverage the PAI ecosystem. DigitalAMN offers business support services via the PAI ecosystem as a hybrid incubator and accelerator, which includes market strategy, capital access, one-on-one business acceleration, liquidity access, international investor network, and business management consulting services.

Watson said that they have come a long and made considerable efforts towards creating and testing different components that would become PAI ecosystem. He added that the initial aim was to formulate an effective method of supporting everyday entrepreneurs in growing businesses, public or private companies, while at the same time creating conditions where everyday people participate as investors in startups.

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