OrganiGram Holdings Inc (NASDAQ:OGI) introduced two new Edison dried flower strains – MAC-1 and GMO cookies to strengthen its Edison Cannabis Co portfolio. 

Each strain boasts a unique flavor, phenotypic profile, and aroma. Both strains are cultivated in one of the strain-specific micro-climates of OrganiGram. CEO of OrganiGram, Greg Engel, said every year OrganiGram cultivates more than fifty varieties of new plant genetics and catalogs them. 

High-quality genetics

Greg said both citrus diesel Mac-1 and high potent GMO Cookies are examples of its high quality and diverse genetics that will be added to the product line of Edison. Its main target at OrganiGram is to add high-quality strains that provide a nice aroma, value, and flavor for adult consumers of Edison.

MAC-1, a legendry hybrid strain, features a citrus flavor and a mid-range diesel smell. The flowers are visually striking and dense and comprise light purple punch, dark and light greens, a thick layer of frosty trichomes, and fiery copper pistils. It offers a THC in the range of 20% to 26% besides terpenes (Linalool, β-Pinene, Caryophyllene, α-Pinene, and Limonene).

It is available in a pack of three 0.5 pre-rolls or 3.5-gram format and retains consistent potency and terpene aroma profile. 

GMO Cookies are Indica strains that comprise high potency THC (20 to 26%). They boast dark green flecks and crown-shaped flowers, heavy trichomes, and bright orange pistils. Its strain dominant terpenes are Myrcene, Caryophyllene, Limonene, and Humulene.

GMO Cookies are available in packages comprising three x 0.5g pre-rolls or in 3.5-gram formats and preserves freshness. 

Both GMO Cookies and MAC-1 will be introduced at select retailers nationwide soon. 

Greg Engel steps down

Greg Engel relinquished his position as CEO on May 3, 2021. According to a communiqué from OrganiGram, Greg will play an advisory role to the director board during the transition period. 

Peter Amirault, the chairman of the board, will also play the role of interim CEO until an alternative is found. He is working as a Chairman of the company since 2017. Geoff Machum, governance and nominating committee chair of the board, said Peter brings deep experience in executive and senior leadership in consumer packaged goods. Peter boasts excellent business acumen. 

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