Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. (OTCMKTS: EMHTF) has signed a definitive agreement with HYTN Cannabis Inc. to co-launch, distribute, and sell HYTN’s patented new sparkling cannabis drinks that employ quick-acting Elevation Technology.

Emerald to leverage its partnerships in the distribution and sale of HYTN drinks 

Emerald CEO and president Riaz Banadli said, “The HYTN team’s expertise and focused effort has resulted in a beverage product line that taps into multiple consumer trends and leverages proprietary technology. We believe this cannabis beverage product line is well-positioned for success and fits well with Emerald’s focus on science- driven product innovation. We look forward to seeing HYTN products on store shelves before year-end.”

To distribute HYTN’s products, Emerald will use its established cannabis sales license, sales team, and infrastructure, as well as regional cannabis wholesale and retail distribution ties. Emerald will be paid a percentage of the gross sales revenue from HYTN products sold in Canada.

HYTN plans to launch its cannabis drinks this quarter. Already Emerald has received the first purchase order for the cannabis drinks from HYTN In British Columbia.

HYTN products available in four flavors 

HYTN’s first product, THC-infused sparkling water, has no calories or carbs and is made with all-natural ingredients. Also, the beverages are sugar and gluten-free, and each 355 mL container contains 10 milligrams of THC. In addition, a 5 mg of THC drink is planned for market launch in Quebec. Blood Orange, Rosewater Lemonade, Watermelon Mint, and Lemongrass Ginger are the first available flavors of the drinks.

CEO HYTN Cannabis Elliot McKerr said, “Partnering with Emerald allows us to rapidly reach a national audience which is looking for better tasting, better acting and better formulated cannabis 2.0 products. Our singular objective is to be the market leader in cannabis beverages and are confident HYTN ‘s Elevation Technology® combined with a taste profile and format consumers are familiar with will help drive continuing growth of this market segment. With the unique positioning of this product line, we look forward to leveraging Emerald’s well-established nation-wide provincial distribution relationships and sales team to launch and grow our business in Canada.”

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