Eve & Co Inc. (OTCMKTS:EEVVF) CEO Melinda Rombouts has changed a 120,000 sq. ft. ornamental greenhouse into a one million sq. ft. publicly trades cannabis business by leveraging an untapped market.

Eve & Co. giving women opportunity in the cannabis space

Southwestern Ontario is currently the home of some of the largest commercial greenhouses produce in North America. Lately, the Canadian greenhouse heartland has made headlines for a different type of grower in Eve & Co. The cannabis grower based in Strathroy has captured attention with its over 1,000,000 sq. ft. greenhouse and cannabis. Most importantly, the company is women-centric, from product lines to marketing and leadership. It seems Rombouts had envisioned a women-centric company from the beginning. However, she says that as a woman founder, she easily attracted most women applicants, and as a result, she naturally hired more.

Although both men and women hold a key position in Eve &Co, the difference is huge compared with other cannabis companies in Canada, where 65% of employees are male. In contrast, at Eve & Co., 65% of employees are female.

Eve & Co. expanding its growing space

The company went public in 2018 on the TSX Venture Exchange, and Rombouts says that the experience strengthened her track. As a result, the company has built an 18-acre ultramodern greenhouse for cannabis cultivation, pushing its total greenhouse footprint to 1 million sq. ft. They moved the first plants to the facility in February last year. The facility considers air circulation and control humidity and has been designed to optimize sun-grown cannabis. The butterfly roofs open like butterfly wings vents to allow airflow.

At the beginning of 2018, the company hired Tom Jobson as cultivation director. As other growers sought small-scale cannabis growers, Rombouts went for a large-scale greenhouse experience. Currently, Eve & Co.’s new greenhouse is among the largest production space, and they are retrofitting older greenhouses with new systems, two vegetative rooms, and a clone room. The rooms are lit with natural sunlight, but they are supplemented with high-pressure sodium during cloudy weather.

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