Food vendors cleared from Angkor Wat lawn

The Apsara Authority said allowing customers to eat on the lawn in front of Angkor Wat was creating disorder. (Photo by Khmer Times/Chor Sokunthea)

PHNOM PENH: The Apsara Authority has banned food vendors from providing places for customers to eat on the grass in front of Angkor Wat, citing the disorder created by the recent practice.

Apsara Authority officials spoke with vendors within 20 metres of the moat in front of the temple late last month, instructing them not to set up mattresses and hammocks on the lawn.

On Sept 25, they made vendors in the area sign contracts to end the practice.

“Officials went down to educate the food sellers to stop using the lawn along the water moat as a place for customers to eat, because it was polluting the environment,” an Apsara Authority report said.

Local resident Sok Saravuth, 28, said yesterday that he used to sit on the lawn there and eat food and drink beer with  friends without considering the effect it was having on the surrounding area, according to a report in the  .

“I agree with Apsara Authority officials who banned selling and eating food on the grass in front of the temple,” he said. “It allows the landscape to remain attractive.”

Mr Saravuth said that in retrospect he felt ashamed, because he had since seen pictures of rubbish strewn across the area.

“I do not know why I did not pay attention to these bad effects when I was eating there,” he said.

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