Freshwater flood kills basket sea fish in Trang

A farmer shows dead fish from one of his estuarine baskets in tambon Thakham of Trang’s Palian district. (Photo by Methee Muangkaew)

TRANG: Basket sea fish farmers in Palian district have suffered major losses from the flood of fresh water flowing down rivers and out to the sea after the province was battered by storms.

Farmer Bidon Hukiew of Ban Thon Han in tambon Thakham told reporters on Monday that all the sea fish he was raising in baskets in a river estuary had died. At least 40 local farmers had lost the fish they were raising in more than 200 fish baskets, he said.

The 58-year-old believed the fish were killed by the large volume of fresh water flowing out to the sea after the province was battered by heavy rain and flooding.

Somboon Chaiseni, 57, head of the basket fish raisers group in Ban Thon Han, said four days of torrential rain caused a huge amount of fresh, cold water to flow to the sea, and it killed the fish. He had lost hundreds of thousands of baht-worth of fish – mainly grouper, snapper and snakeskin gourami.

A total of 244 fish baskets in Ban Thon Han had been affected. Many tonnes of dead basket fish had been buried in the area, he said, asking that officials from relevant agencies come and see the problem for themselves.

Basket farmer, Phala In-yaem, 63, said he reported the situation to authorities, but there had been no response, no offer of assistance.

Palian district chief Silapachai Ruansoong said fishery authorities had been ed to collect samples of water and dead fish. He believed the fish deaths were from natural causes, not disease.  

The heavy rains from last Wednesday to Sunday caused flooding in six districts of Trang. A total of 1,266 households were affected by the deluge, officials said. 

Dead fish float in a fish basket in Palian district of Trang. (Photo by Methee Muangkaew)

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