Global Cannabis Applications Corp (OTCMKTS: FUAPF) has announced that a customer logged a cash deposit into its bank account as payment for its Efixii software.

GCAC transitions Efixxi into a functional commercial product 

The cash deposit transforms GCAC’s Efixii platform from a concept to a fully functional commercial offering. Initially, as a startup software firm, each quarterly MD&A filing listed $Nil as ‘Total Quarterly Revenues.’ However, this will no longer be the case starting today. With $6 million in shareholder funding, the Efixii product has undergone design, development, and patented over the past five years, and the company now has grown into a software licensor that clients are willing to pay for.

Global Cannabis Application’s financial position has never been better, its client base has never been broader, and its software product range has never been more comprehensive. The multi-million-dollar investments made in 2021 have enabled the GCAC  to grow its sales pipeline, launch its drop-ship cannabis business sector, and provide best-in-class efficacy, compliance, and transparency technologies to cannabis producers, patients, and medical practitioners.

Chief Executive Officer of the Company  Brad Moore said, “Execution, execution, execution, it’s all about execution. We’ve had our bumps in the road getting here but never lost sight of our vision – ‘better patient outcomes’. The metamorphosis from concept to reality has been realized. Our current financial position, our near-term execution plan and our unrelenting drive makes this the most exciting time for GCAC since I took over in February 2016. And, so now we grow, grow, grow.”

GCAC signs LOI to partner with EMTRI Group on Efixxi technology 

Recently the company signed a letter of intent to establish a marketing, sales, and blockchain lending collaboration with EMTRI Group.  EMTRI offers retail marketing and branding services to regulated cannabis producers central to cannabis production in the Mendocino, California, Trinity, and Humboldt, known as the Emerald Triangle.

According to the agreement terms, GCAC will offer software development services to EMTRI to tailor the Efixxi platform got a one-off fee of $500,000 that will be earned over three months starting December 2021.

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