Governments before NCPO plagued with corruption: Super Poll

An opinion survey conducted by the Super Poll Research Centre reveals that before the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) came to power the people were fed up with the past elected governments because they were plagued with corruption.

The poll was conducted between Sept 10-23 on 1,194 people of various occupations to find out why they rejected the past elected governments.

A majority, 55.4%, said the past elected governments were corrupt; 44.1% said high-level state officials tried to please the governments in exchange for shared power and interests; 41.6% thought the past prime ministers abused their power for the interests of their families and close associates; and, 39.9% said one of the past governments amended laws to whitewash themselves with an amnesty.

Asked who they think were to blame for the past coups, 72.5 blamed it on politicians; 54.9% on political groupings; 50.3% on movements of radicals with intent to cause division; and, 36.5% on government officials who did not stay neutral.

Also to blame were capital groups, mass media, political canvassers and academics, they said.

Asked whether they supported the past coups, only 4.7% said they did, unconditionally; 58.5% said they did, under certain conditions; and, 36.8% said they were totally against the coups.

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