A leading vertically integrated cannabis-based company,  Harborside Inc (OTCMKTS: HBORF), entered into an agreement with Utah State University on September 16, 2021. As per the agreement, Harborside plans to conduct the study on cannabis crop steering, led by Dr. Bruce Bugbee, a world-renowned plant physiologist. Harborside and Utah State University expect to manipulate all influences to enhance crop yield, product quality, and resources from this approach. 

By adjusting lighting, irrigation, and climate throughout the growing period, proper crop steering provides cannabis cultivators more control over their harvest. Dr. Bruce Bugbee’s study in the project will research all factors influencing plant growth and yield, including co2 levels, light intensity, moisture levels, and ambient temperature. Partnering with Dr. Bugbee, Harborside’s Vice President, Travis Higginbotham, to sort out the practical crop steering and relevant techniques. Moreover, the research project will be conducted in Dr. Bugbee’s laboratory at Utah State University. 

Management Statement

Vice President of Harborside, Travis Higginbotham, said that they are committed to making a cannabis industry that can satisfy consumer demand by finding techniques to increase production without compromising quality. In addition, he adds Harborside is eager to work with Dr. Bugbee to enhance the scientific knowledge of growing cannabis and discovering new practices to increase the performance of the crop. 

Harborside Completed its Acquisition of Desert Hot Springs retail Location.

Harborside announced the acquisition of Accucanna LLC’s Desert Hot Springs dispensary location on September 3, 2021. In addition, Harborside purchased overall issued and outstanding equity shares along with the real property for $4,918US. Before the acquisition, under a service agreement, Harborside operated the dispensary from 2019. 

Management Statement

Chief Executive Officer of Harborside, Matt Hawkins, stated that they are thrilled to add their Desert Hot Springs dispensary into their California retail dispensary portfolio. Additionally, as one of two drive-through retail store locations licensed in the state, and with their strategic placement in the Coachella valley. As a result, Harbourside is well placed to pursue its service to the local people. 

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