After years of research in the lighting and light control solutions for controlled environments, agriculture, Heliospectra ADR (OTCMKTS: HLSPY) is now confident of hitting the Australian market. Thanks to its new reseller partnership with MineARC Systems. Through its network and years of experience, the global leader in controlled environments will help take Heliospectra’s market-leading LED lighting and light control solutions to expand its market. The good news is that MineARC Systems’ industrial reach-in and walk-in grow chambers align to the exact needs of various industries and customers. 

The controllable ELIXIR, the advanced light control system helioCORE, and high output optimized MITRA are some of the market-leading LED lighting solutions Heliospectra offers. All these and others empower growers to produce crops that take less energy to grow, last longer, and taste better. helioCORE is the market’s leading intelligent grow light control system. It features light management, advanced scheduling tools, and sensor technologies. On the other hand, helioCARE covers and manages and covers everything from educational sessions to in-house crop trials.

“… providing our customers with full control and flexibility that results in high-quality crops is a must, and Heliospectra’s product portfolio ensures that…,” Brent Pearce, Chief Innovation Officer of MineARC Systems, commented

The Passion in Finding New Sustainable Solutions to Feed and Heal the World

When plant scientists and biologists in Sweden came together in 2006 to establish Heliospectra, their vision was to make crop production more intelligent and resource-efficient. They knew this was the only way to transform the horticulture market, bringing forth viable solutions to feed and heal the world. Quality is of the essence, and the understanding is that only premium solutions can maximize the quality of one’s crops in every growing environment.

The company has customers across six continents, and its mission is to redefine nature’s potential through innovation and technology. It also embraces meaningful partnerships with institutions, individuals, and experts in various fields, including biologists, lighting consultants, plant researchers, and software developers.  

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