High Tide Inc (NASDAQ: HITI) has made efforts to dominate the e-commerce marketplace for consumption merchandise and accessories. Its efforts mainly targeted the United States, and it is pretty impressed about having attracted another major retailer into the High Tide family.

The acquisition details 

High Tide walks into a definitive agreement, in which case its subsidiary High Tide USA Inc will buy new shares. It will be acquiring 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of DS Distribution Inc. The subsidiary is ready to pay US$3.85 Million for the deal. 

The latest acquisition is sufficient proof of the excellent state of High Tide’s U.S. e-commerce infrastructure and network. Moreover, analysts opine that the e-commerce infrastructure and network have been growing stronger with time. 

According to the analysts, the strengthening of the company’s network with multiple established e-commerce platforms is a good thing. It happens to be part of the plan to create numerous synergies and efficiencies across the massive ecosystem.

High Tide is quite impressed about its most recent moves, pointing out specifically to the commencement of the online cannabis sales. The sales have been specifically in three Canadian provinces. 

The company seems rather pleased to bring onboard the DankStop team, which is set to contribute immensely towards the success of the High Tide family of companies. 

Exploring the available opportunities

High Tide continues to explore all the available opportunities that could enable it to boost its share in the growing consumption accessories market. It will be leveraging its 10 years of experience in the consumption accessories sector and other factors to succeed on its quest.

High Tide hopes that the federal legalization of cannabis products happens soon embark on the expansion of its cannabis retail network into the United States. The company will be counting on the cannabis subscription boxes to succeed in its plans.

The President and Chief Executive Officer of High Tide Raj Grover opine, “Being vertically integrated in the consumption accessories space and having access to the end consumer will continue to result in our ability to make meaningful high margin sales across all of our channels.”

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