James Hancock is the new President of Hemp, Inc. (OTCMKTS: HEMP). The appointment comes when the hemp industry is making big waves in the recreational and industrial cannabis market. Besides the growing popularity of CBD supplements recommended for sleep disorders, nausea and anxiety is no longer a secret. 

Hancock takes over from Craig Perlowin, who resigned to focus on other interests outside the hemp industry. The outgoing president says, “James Hancock is a creative force and forward-thinker with a vast amount of knowledge in the public company arena and will be a tremendous asset in the growth strategy for Hemp Inc.” 

Throughout his 40-year career, Hancock has exhibited confidence and efficiency in his numerous senior positions, including that of a VP of Sales & Marketing and CEO within public and private companies. In addition, he has played a significant role in bringing on board mergers and acquisitions suitable for the industry. Hence, he will be a tremendous asset in the growth strategy and vital decision-making for Hemp Inc. 

The Building of a Business Constituency for the American Small Hemp Farmer

Hemp, Inc. has more than ten years of experience in growing and processing Hemp in North America. Its mission is to make the industry, the market, and the world a better place, particularly for that American small hemp farmer. The company is also driving a powerful engine for social change and economic revival. Negotiations are currently underway with a network marketing company to launch several new products for different niche markets. 

Bubba Kush hemp is the latest inclusion of new products and combines Fortified CBD Pre-rolls, CBD Pre-rolls, CBD, and CBG Caviar/Moon Rocks. The company’s executives are prominent in providing eco-friendly, sustainable, and healthy hemp products with tangible benefits. It recognizes the fact that people want to see change within the industrial hemp industry. And even though Hemp is still not legal in America, there is still hope for a turnaround. 

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