Net Savings Link Inc. (OTCMKTS: NSAV) has announced the launch of a blockchain Launchpad platform through its holdings, VirtuaBroker. The platform is for the company and other high-quality blockchain operations on the Binance Smart Chain.

VirtuaBroker platform to kick off various blockchain initiatives in NSAV, the first real-world asset-backed NFT marketplace in the world for plastic recovered and recycled, is the first initiative on Virtuabroker’s Launchpad. The Plastik token crowd sale will only take place on the Virtuabroker Launchpad and kick off a series of new blockchain initiatives from the NSAV Ecosystem.

VirtuaBroker CTO and founder Daniel Garcia said, “The fundamentals behind the project is very solid. At Virtuabroker, we are confident that our launchpad´s first customer will be very successful, as they are addressing a market need that is yet to be addressed and of utmost importance.”

Most importantly, will take a smart contract mechanism to the platform, allowing single-use package manufacturers, trash recovery, and recycling entities to sell and buy plastic disposal guarantees based on the sort of single-use packaging they make. Thus, the Plastics platform will connect single-use packaging manufacturers, waste recovery and recycling businesses, and consumers. seeks to track single-use packaging CEO Andre Vanyi-Robin, stated, “Our mission is to track all single-use packaging being recovered and recycled across the globe, in order to provide recyclers and plastic producers with a connection that can be verified, so that revenues can be generated for the recyclers to incentivize them to collect all plastic and convert this into valuable data, that can enable producers of plastic to offset their production to achieve a plastic free world.”

NSAV SVP Crypto Operations  and interim CEO Dato’ Sri Desmond Lim commented, “We are thrilled to be able to announce that Virtuabroker, one of our portfolio companies, is engaging the launchpad market for premium blockchain projects and is generating revenue and users on the basis of its leading technological platform, leading the path towards an environmentally responsible crypto industry.”

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