Net Savings Link Inc (OTCMKTS: NSAV) announced that the company has completed upgrading its trading desk. OTC Crypto Trading Desk is 100% owned by the company capable of handling a more extensive client base. Individual and institutional traders will be offered personal attention. Besides this, high-net-worth individuals (HNIs) who trade in huge volumes will also be offered larger blocks of cryptocurrency, making trading effortless and easy. The group’s OTC Desk also provides its clients with services like secure execution and settlement of transactions.

Almost all crypto exchanges have individual OTC Desk

Call it a necessity to be the mother of all inventions; in today’s modern-day and the digital era it has come to light, that almost all major crypto exchanges have independent and individual OTC Desks. In 2019, Kraken created news after successfully acquiring one of the most sort-after Trading Desks called Circle Trade. A couple of years on, it has emerged as one of the world’s leading OTC Crypto Trading Desks.

Owing and operating a Trading Desk will be an advantage for the company

Management of Net Savings Link Inc echoes the opinion that owning and managing their trading desk is an advantage for the company, and the group’s shareholders will also benefit. Besides this, operating a trading desk is a clear indication that the company has scaled up to the next level.

Net Savings Link Inc announces that it has successfully acquired a 40% stake in Hong Kong OTC Crypto Trading Desk

Net Savings Link Inc recently announced that the group has successfully acquired a 40% stake in one of Hong Kong’s most sort-after and widely used OTC crypto trading services. The group has acquired a stake in the Hong Kong Premium OTC Crypto Trading Desk and 16 of its strategic partners. One of the advantages of this recently acquired trading desk is that, unlike its competitors, the respective trading desk does not hold on to its clients’ assets.

It is learned that the HKOTC, from Hong Kong, CO has a team of experienced, reliable, and responsible traders who have vast knowledge and expertise in the bitcoin and cryptocurrency sectors. The team at HKOTC.CO has been dealing with Bitcoin in Hong Kong for six years now.

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