Nextleaf Solutions Ltd (OTCMKTS: OILFF) has every reason to celebrate. The company, in a statement, announced that the group is granted a patient for the design of its cannabis oil refinery.

Information about the patient that is granted 

It has come to light that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a patent for its cannabis oil refinery design. The group’s closed-loop, automated extraction, and purification plant are functional inside a unit. Health Canada licenses the respective facility it is learned under the Cannabis Act.

Nextleaf Solutions Ltd produces and supplies purified CBD and THC distillate ingredients

The primary area of operation of the group is to produce and supply refined CBD and THC distillate ingredients. In addition, the company caters to the demand of its set of wholesale clients. Besides this, the group is involved in the distribution of Glacial Gold™ branded vapes and distilled oils.

Nextleaf Solutions Ltd owns 17 innovative U.S. patients and 90 global patients

Experts echo the sentiments that Nextleaf Solutions Ltd is on a patient acquisition spree. The company, to its credit, has 17 innovative and unique patients registered in the U.S. If numbers are to be believed, the group has another 90 global patients registered under its name. Very soon, the corporate house will hit the century mark in the number of international patients.

Group has developed one of the most efficient methods of producing THC

Meanwhile, in the backdrop of the developments, a source from Nextleaf Solutions Ltd shares that the company firmly believes that it has designed, developed, and delivered one of the most effective yet efficient methods for producing THC and CBD distillate at scale within a regulated market.

Co-founder and CEO reacts as the developments unfold

A jubilant co-founder and CEO of Nextleaf Solutions Ltd, Paul Pedersen, comments as the developments unfold. He stated that developing technology that will enhance the economics of producing highly refined THC, and CBD oils have been the group’s aim. He expressed immense joy as the patient was awarded to the group. The CEO assured that customers would be offered high-value products and no compromise would be made on quality with the Glacial Gold™ vape and distilled oil products.

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