Cannabis Science Inc., formerly known as (CBIS), is delighted to announce that its $CSI Cannabis Science Coin, Utility for CSi-EDP project asset assessment, revenue tracking, and dividend disbursements, has just been successfully launched. 

Thermic Science International to acquire Cannabis Science. 

The CSi-EDP will also use the $CSI Cannabis Science Coin for a number of its transaction-based products and services. Every Cannabis Science CSi-EDP product and or service assigned will become a part of the $CSI Cannabis Science Coin economic development and investment banking ecosystem, increasing international reach and the value of the $CSI Cannabis Science Coin. 

Cannabis Science has evolved into a significant Cannabinoid Research Hub during the last year, integrating organizations, assets, and research to become a much larger conglomerate. Currently,  Thermic Science International Corporation, formerly known as Omnicanna Health Solutions, Inc. (OTCMKTS: ENDO), is working on acquiring Cannabis Science Inc. This deal is currently undergoing regulatory filings and clearances as it nears completion.

People to bank Cannabis Sceince CSi-EDP just like a currency in an investment bank

The launch of $CSI Cannabis Science Coin is significant for the company as it will offer access to the CSi-EDP. People will assign/bank on Cannabis Science CSi-EDP project at ago via the $CSI Cannabis Science Coin just like fiat in an investment bank. Each CSI-EDP project will be financed and grown one by one. This will depend on target growth goals, asset valuations, and accomplishments. Most importantly, projects will be unveiled one by one as they get assigned to $CSI Cannabis Science Coin. 

Founder Raymond Dabney said, “Many of our successful clinical and pre-clinical critical ailment targets using cannabinoid drug development research for our proposed drug targets are second to none. This is what it is all about, just get one BLOCKBUSTER Critical Ailment Drug on the market NOW so you can affect/make your positive change to the World we all live in.”

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