OrganiGram Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: OGI) puts its customers’ needs first, and it has manufactured its first high potency THC lozenge to offer them an outstanding experience. The Edison JOLTS come in a great flavor and are available in 10 mint lozenges. Each lozenge consists of 10 mg of THC. 

Company remains dedicated to consumers

Analysts applaud the company over the newly unveiled product, asserting that it shows its dedication to the needs of its broad customer base. The company vows to continue upholding its best practices by harnessing science and creativity to produce top-notch products. In addition, it assured customers that they would be able to enjoy palatable and high potency extracts and pocket-friendly rates. 

Potency in products drives most of the consumers, and the same applies to Edison JOLTS. Unfortunately, the markets have been somewhat disappointing over the past, with most consumers complaining about difficulties finding appropriate and working ingestible options on the legal market. Organigram Holdings Inc wants to shift matters, vowing to offer consumers suitable products at the most affordable price point.

Leader’s perspectives

The Vice President of Innovation and R&D in the company opines, “With the release of Edison JOLTS, Organigram reinforces its industry-leading approach to innovation, bringing to market a patent-pending formulation with potential to transform the market for ingestible extracts. Organigram puts consumers at the heart of everything we do, so we are proud that our Edison portfolio now features a product tailored to the large segment of cannabis consumers seeking high-potency ingestible products at the right price.”

The company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Tim Emberg, is the other officer that has spoken about the latest developments, exuding confidence in the proprietary product and its general appeal to consumers. The leader outlines that their top product will enable them to experience positive momentum in the market. 

He has also called upon customers to visit several retailers in Ontario and others across the country to buy the new product. He confirms that it will be available over the coming two weeks. 

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