Pattani blast ‘carried out by six people’

The Sept 22 bomb attack that killed four rangers in Pattani’s Sai Buri district was the work of a six-man team, security authorities said Friday.

Speaking at a press briefing at a military camp in Nong Chik district about the probe into the bombing, Pattani Task Force commander Maj Gen Jatuporn Klampasut said a suspect detained for questioning had admitted there were six people involved.

Identified as Mayusoh Mayadeng, the suspect claimed the group met to plan and rehearse the attack a week before the bomb plot was carried out. The bomb was planted on the night of Sept 21.

According to the statement Mr Mayusoh gave to authorities, the group was allegedly led by Yakareeya Bango, known to be active in the district, Maj Gen Jatuporn said. Three were responsible for handling the bomb while Mr Mayusoh and two others were spotters.

Mr Mayusoh was arrested by security authorities at a house in tambon Tabing on Sept 26 in connection with the bombing. He also allegedly admitted during questioning he had been involved in militant activities since 2011.

The suspect was taken to three locations for a reenactment of the crime Friday, including the venue in tambon Kadunong where the team met to rehearse the plan.

The powerful blast tore a patrol vehicle carrying nine rangers in half, killing four and injuring five others as well as a passing civilian.

The device was buried beneath a road in tambon Tabing where construction work was being carried out. It detonated when the pickup truck carrying the nine-member patrol unit attached to Task Force 44 drove over it.

More than 500 security officials were assigned to gather intelligence and track down potential suspects following the bomb attack.

Mr Mayusoh was one of four people detained earlier this week for questioning over the bomb attack.

Meanwhile, families of the other detainees Friday lodged a complaint with a coordination office of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) seeking their release and fair treatment.

Jehmudo Solae said her son, Koha Waji, has been detained without charge or told why he was being held at Ingkhayutthaborihan military camp since Monday.

Mareeyanee Makaeh said her husband, Sukree Ahwaekaji, was detained at the same military camp after being questioned by police. She insisted he was not involved in the attack because he was at home when the explosion took place.

Maj Gen Jatuporn said Friday all the suspects were being detained for further questioning over the bomb attack and insisted some had admitted their involvement. He said authorities were gathering evidence to seek warrants for their arrest.

He also said a construction worker detained earlier had been released.

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