Polish man confesses to blasting ATM

Police bring Polish Gracjan Pawel Stanisewski to the Tesco Lotus store in Prawet district, Bangkok, for the re-enactment of a theft-oriented ATM explosion, on Thursday. (Photo by Somchai Poomlard)

A Polish man has confessed to filling a Bangkok ATM with inflammable gas before blowing it and making off with more than 300,000 baht in cash in mid-September, according to Bangkok police.

Senior officers of the Metropolitan Police Bureau brought Gracjan Pawel Stanisewski, 36, to Krungthep Kritha Road and Srinakarin Road on Thursday for re-enactment of the explosion of a Bangkok Bank’s ATM on Sept 13.

Bangkok police chief Sanit Mahathavorn said the suspect voluntarily cooperated with the re-enactment to support his confession.

At a Tesco Lotus store on Krungthep Krita Road, the suspect showed how he released gas from a rubber exercise ball through a hose into the ATM. Police said after filling the machine with gas, the suspect poured petrol near the ATM and lit the fire. Police chief Chakthip Chaijinda earlier said the suspect used hydrogen.

Police also brought the Polish to Soi Krungthep Kritha 15/1 where he allegedly hid his equipment and clothing after the blast and to a petrol station on Srinakarin Road where he bought the petrol.

Police then sought a court order for the 12-day detention of the suspect who was taken to the Min Buri remand prison.

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