Puration Inc (OTCMKTS: PURA) and North American Cannabis Holdings Inc are the cannabis extraction companies in Texas. And Priority Aviation Inc is a full-service aviation company that operates in the cannabis market. All their main focus was to increase the production and sales both domestically and internationally among their industry.

Plans & Strategy of the three shareholders:

On the press release on September 30, 2021, in Dallas, it has been highlighted by ACI regarding the new plans and strategy of the three companies- Puration Inc (PURA), North American Cannabis Holdings Inc (USMJ), and Priority Aviation Inc (PJET).

ACI- American Cannabis Innovations Conglomerated is the controlling shareholder that unites the companies in the evolving cannabis extraction sector. ACI has a very well execution in transactions and a great overall business strategy in the industry.

ACI is currently supporting PURA on their new business goal of Farmersville Hemp Brand- Hemp development and services. And also helps USMJ in the implementation of their cannabis industry e-commerce strategy. PJET was further advancing and targeted its focus on a new line of business outside the cannabis sector. ACI still makes an effort to assist them in growing their new initiative, even though it is not related to the cannabis industry.

PAOG Partners With PURA On Farmersville Hemp Brand Initiative

On September 24, 2021, PAOG Group announced that it entered into a partnership with Puration Inc. Currently, PAOG is developing CBD nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals from its intellectual property associated with a cannabis extraction patent. Also, PAOG recently announced its plan to launch a CBD nutraceuticals product line expected to make revenue this year. Moreover, PURA launched a hemp industry initiative to make a collective market for hemp growers and processors under a single brand name, Farmersville Hemp. PURA is creating cultivation and processing partners to establish industrial hemp under their single brand name. PAOG is the PURA’s first partner in PURA’s initiative hemp brand. The two companies anticipate working specifically together on a cannabis extraction laboratory to be included on PURS’s 70-acre property.

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