Robotic Assistance Devices has settled on Anthony Brenz as its newly appointed Chief Financial Officer. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS (OTCMKTS:AITX) happens to be this subsidiary’s mother company. Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions announced its subsidiary’s move  today, outlining that the Chief Financial Officer position is a newly created one. 

Reinharz welcomes Tony 

The CEO of RAD, Steve Reinharz seems impressed with the move to bring onboard Tony, as he looks forward to cooperating with him in most of his decision-making endeavors. The official terms Tony a  necessary addition to the subsidiary’s senior leadership team. 

Reinharz speaks about the efforts and resources they have been channeling towards the expansion and the growth of the company’s growth plan. The official exudes confidence in Tony’s experience, outlining that the official will help them accomplish a lot in building their shareholder value. 

RAD continues considering uplisting options and other progressive moves set to be achieved soon. 

The choice of a leader happens to be a crucial move for any dynamic company, and RAD seems satisfied with Brenz. The official happens to be an outstanding senior financial and operational executive with the capacity to move RAD forward. He has over 20 years of working experience, in which case he took leading positions in finance and operations. 

Brenz shows willingness to help the company grow

Brenz is happy about his appointment to the top position, outlining that he will do his best to support business growth. He speaks out about RAD’s technology, terming it an exceptional one. She looks forward to working with the rest of the team to execute the most critical priorities for the company. He says that he has what it takes to help build shareholder value and accelerate its growth. 

Brenz seems happy with the CFO position, outlining that he will have the power to drive RAD’s financial organization to the most incredible heights of business success. He will focus on investor relations, treasury, accounting, tax, financial planning, and analysis. 

RAD seems to be going through its best moments. A good example is how it received a three ROSA systems order, which is in a recent deal with an authorized dealer. However, the company has declined to disclose the dealer’s name. It outlines that the nature of the deal doesn’t give it the freedom to unveil the dealer’s name.

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