Roche Holdings AG Basel ADR Common Stock (OTCMKTS: RHHBY) has given the medical community a reason to be happy about it. The group participated in the recently hosted World Muscle Society (WMS) Virtual Congress. At the virtual event, the company presented its latest findings.

A study to evaluate the efficiency and safety of Evrysdi was presented

The group presented its findings from the RAINBOWFISH study. As part of the presentation, the individual research results that analyze the efficiency and safety of the use of Evrysdi were presented. The study targeted infants who were born with SMA syndrome or pre-symptomatic spinal muscular atrophy by birth. Thus, the research investigation covered SMA patients by birth to infants as young as six weeks old. The data coincided with the clinical analysis of the SRP-9001 gene therapy in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD).

The latest data for Evrysdi can help pass on the benefits of the medicine to SMA patients

The latest findings for Evrysdi can go a long way in coming to the rescue of the youngest SMA patients. Furthermore, results that the SRP-9001 findings have generated have strengthened the vision of the forthcoming DMD Phase III trial, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Product Development, Roche Holdings AG Basel ADR Common Stock, Levi Garraway said. The Chief Medical Officer added that the group’s vision is to carry out research and development initiatives and pave the way for introducing solutions in the form of medicines that can be used to treat neuromuscular diseases and disorders. Garraway expressed gratitude for the various partnerships that the group has entered into over the years. He added that the colorations have immensely helped the company design, develop, and introduce therapies for patients with rare diseases and disorders.

Roche Holdings AG Basel ADR Common Stock launches three repertory test panels to help identify multiple pathogens

Roche Holdings AG Basel ADR Common Stock has launched three new repertory test panels. The newly launched PCR diagnostic test panels are armed with simultaneously detecting and differentiating common respiratory pathogens. The three tests can be performed individually or simultaneously.

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