Sibannac Inc. (OTCMKST:SNNC) has announced the signing of a private label manufacturing and supply deal with Arizonian corporation Titan Enhance LLC.

Sibannac enters manufacturing and supply agreement with Titan

According to the agreement’s terms, the company will manufacture and supply Titan with its private-label CBD and Copper 1 Nano Tinctures. Similarly, the company is in the first position to receive any new product formulation created by Titan. Titan is a newly established Arizona corporation to take local product delivery from Sibannac’s prosecution facility and supply to consumer and commercial customers.

The Sibannac has already purchased and installed nanotech processing equipment in its facility to make its Copper 1, CBD, Delta-8 THC, and Kratom products. Most importantly, the nanotech processing equipment breaks down molecule size in the active ingredients, offering enhanced bioavailability and absorption. Therefore, this will allow Sibannac to manufacture best-in-class, novel formulations to optimize efficacy. As a result, it positions the company for future potential licensing, manufacturing, supply deals, and partnerships. Notably, all Titan predicts will be produced through nanotech under the deal. Sibannac had previously announced a deal with its Copper 1 raw material supplier, Mitosynergy.

Sibannac delighted to bring Copper 1 products to the market

David Mersky, Sibannac CEO, said that they are delighted to move forward and bring the Copper 1 products line to the market. He said that not many companies know Copper 1’s attributes, access to raw materials, and manufacturing capabilities. He added that as the company continues the design and development of its brand, it is amazing that they have signed a contract manufacturing agreement. Mersky said that Sibannac consistently enters the marketplace with vertical integration concentration where sourcing, manufacturing, designing, and products sale is direct to the customer.

The company will also use the nanotech capabilities in Delta-8 products manufacture. There is increasing demand for CBD-derived Delta-8 across the US, and Sibannac is currently manufacturing gummy and vape Delta 8 products for sale and distribution in legal markets.

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