Stereo Vision Entertainment Inc (OTCMKTS: SVSN) has announced that it has signed a securities law firm and an independent auditing firm to file an SEC Form 10 and SEC Reg A to return SVSN to fully reporting status so that it will be uplisted to the OTCQB.

Under the law, an offer or sale of a security has to be registered by the SEC or meet an exemption. Reg A allows a company to purchase a security without being registered by the SEC.

StereoVision hired the same team for Reg A+ filing 

According to Jack Honour, the CEO of StereoVision, this move is crucial to their intent to add shareholder value and enhance corporate operations. With the company accounting and legal teams, the SEC approved the Reg A+ filing for Eco Allies, the Nevada ESG Benefit Company, in 6 working days with no comment. The company has hired the same teams for the SEC Reg A and SEC Form 10 for SVSN’s planned uplisting to the OTCQB.

StereoVision does work in climate change mitigation and entertainment

StereoVision Entertainment Inc, a publicly traded company in Nevada, utilises its team of experts in climate change mitigation via Climate Cure Capital Corporation (CCCC), its wholly-owned subsidiary and ESG Benefit corporation Eco Allies. The CCCC was acquired in November 2019.

Through the CCCC, which utilises hemp biomass and their Super green Paulownia trees being cultivated at a tree farm in Atwater, California, the company aims to generate electricity, green gas, biochar and biofuel.

 The company also produces and creates family-friendly multimedia content and NFTs via REZN8, another of its wholly-owned subsidiaries. REZN8 has so far won nine Emmy awards.

StereoVision is a development stage company. It plans to evolve into a vertically integrated, diversified media entertainment company. The company plans to generate revenue from different sources. One such source is the production of new feature films in two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) formats for theatrical and direct release. It also plans to venture into other sections of the entertainment industry, such as licensing film rights to video game companies.

 At this time, StereoVision generates most of its income from 3D entertainment content.

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