Tauriga Sciences Inc. (OTCMKTS: TAUG) has revealed that its Amazon and E-commerce operations generated record quarterly net revenue results.

Tauriga report record net revenue growth of 75% for the e-commerce segment 

The life science firm announced that the e-commerce operations powered through Shopify reported growth of around 75% on a sequential basis. On the other hand, Amazon’s business posted quarter-over-quarter net revenue growth of 60%. Notably, the company reported quarterly e-commerce sales exceeding $110,000. In addition, recently the company announced the official launch of its new and enhanced e-commerce website.

It is vital to note that Tauriga’s e-commerce business segment is by its largest “gross margin” source in terms of revenue. The record e-commerce revenue was the second consecutive quarter the company has reported record net revenues for the segment. Tauriga is focused on working in various potentially vital catalysts. 

Going forward, the company is optimistic about its capacity to execute and business prospects. For instance, it recently received a Product Endorsement Approval Notice in Alaska. The company received the Endorsement from the Alaska Division of Agriculture (Industrial Hemp Program) on December 20, 2021. The Endorsement applies to the Tauri-Gum Product Line. 

The company produces and distributes a range of proprietary product lines and retail products focused on Cannabigerol (CBG) and Cannabidiol (CBD) edibles market. Its flagship products line, Tauri-Gum, comprises novel supplementary Halal certified, Vegan formulated, and Kosher certified CBD-infused chewing gum available in different flavors of Blood Orange, Mint, and pomegranate as well as CG-infused fume available in peach-lemon and black currant flavors. 

Tauriga developing pharmaceutical-grade Tauri-Gum

Besides the retail business, Tauriga also is undertaking a pharmaceutical development program. The program relates to the proposed development of a pharmaceutical graded Tauri-Gum version for regulation of nausea. The target population for the pharmaceutical grade Tauri-gum are patients that are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. Tauriga converted its US provisional patents application into a non-provisional patent application on March 22, 2021. The patent is titled MEDICATED CBD COMPOSITIONS, METHODS OF MANUFACTURING, AND METHODS OF TREATMENT”.

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