Teaching graduates refused licences, seek help

Representatives of 120 teaching graduates from Rajabhat University of Loei in Khon Kaen show their graduation papers as they call on the government to intervene after being denied teaching licences.(Photo by Jakkrapan Nathanri)

KHON KAEN: More than 100 teaching graduates are asking the government to intervene after the Teachers Council refused to issue them professional licences.

In a complaint lodged with the provincial Damrongdhama Centre, a total of 120 teaching graduates from Rajabhat University of Loei’s education centre in Khon Kaen said that without licences they will lose five years’ study and job opportunities.

Montri Khansrinuan, 25, said the graduates enrolled in 2012 and completed the five-year programme in February this year. When they applied for professional licences from the Teachers Council, they were rejected.

Instead, they were issued teaching certificates, which are valid for two years, he said.

The university had since informed the graduates the programme they studied under was not approved by the council, so they cannot be granted professional licences. Professional councils are responsible for accrediting courses in universities nationwide.

Mr Montri He said teaching certificates are not as good as professional licences.

“We completed our studies, but we can’t get the licences to get a job in the field we studied. The university didn’t say anything about this until we had completed the course,” he said.

The 120 graduates enrolled in the programme in 2012 and the university suspended enrollments in 2014, triggering concerns the students would be abandoned after graduation.

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