The Green Organic Dutchman Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS: TGODF) has announced a definitive agreement with Acosta Canada Corp for dedicated and exclusive sales representation for TGOD’s recreational marijuana brands in major provinces in Canada. Acosta is a sales giant responsible for popular brands, and it is a trusted resource for retailers.

TGOD moves from a syndicated sales model 

In order to enable enhanced growth with a committed sales force through better product education, market penetration, and distribution for its TGOD, Ripple, and Highly Dutch Organic brand portfolios in the key markets of British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Newfoundland, the TGOD made the strategic decision to divulge from a syndicated sales approach.

TGOD Chief Growth Officer Gayle Duncan said, “With dedicated sales representation in key markets, we are confident that we will see stronger product distribution at the retail level, enabling greater focus, control, and flexibility for increasing awareness, imparting product knowledge and budtender training, and influencing consumer sales transactions with our retail channel partners.”

Duncan added, “Acosta is a proven sales resource behind the most recognized leading brands which they represent to top retailers across Canada and the U.S. By leveraging their significant expertise in recruiting, training, and managing a dedicated force, we will optimize our engagement with retail budtenders and store managers, provide increased sales, merchandising and marketing support, and simply bring better value to them with minimal disruption to their operations.”

TGOD added regional manager position in Quebec and Calgary 

To bolster its presence in Western Canada, TGOD added a Regional Manager post for Quebec and Atlantic Canada to its staff and a Regional Manager in Calgary.

Acosta Canada Bill Ivany commented, “Acosta is thrilled to leverage our retail expertise and best-in-class systems and processes through our partnership with TGOD. TGOD and Acosta’s shared values and focus on delivering growth make this new partnership an exciting one for delivering unified value to TGOD’s industry partners through our dedicated team of TGOD representatives. We look forward to growing with TGOD in Canada and beyond in the coming years.”

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