The emergence of the COVID pandemic has put hundreds of thousands of businesses on the spot. While many have had to shut their doors due to poor performance, others have hoped for joint ventures. TILT Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: TLLTF) is not new in grabbing merger opportunities whenever they arise. The global provider of cannabis business solutions has bagged another partnership with the Shinnecock Indian Nation. The move is expected to help bridge the current wealth gap in the U.S, which is growing wider by the day. 

The New York-based Shinnecock Nation is a Native American tribe living on their traditional lands on Long Island. It is the latest addition to the New York cannabis market. With TILT’s commitment, its CEO Gary Santo says they will both create a sustainable environment that fosters economic growth for generations to come. 

He added, “…This partnership… We believe our expertise in cannabis operations along with Shinnecock’s thought-leadership and cultural connection to plant medicine will deliver economic growth for the region….”

Cultivating other Business Relationships

According to Bryan Polite, Shinnecock Nation Chairman, partnerships bring the right kind of expertise at precisely the right time. A member of the Shinnecock Nation, Chenae Bullock, added that being part of TILT will help create various jobs and start careers. In addition, this will bring along new business relationships with other tribal business owners. 

Meanwhile, TILT will also engage Little Beach Harvest, operated by the Shinnecock Nation, to educate, train and employ the local community and community. Additionally, it will provide management services to Little Beach Harvest in the development of facilities. Little Beach Harvest has a sound mission; to provide an alternative, natural way of healing while creating economic prosperity. Its dispensary and lounge are set to offer a wide variety of cannabis products. 

TILT is well known for helping cannabis businesses build brands and cannabis retailers across 36 states in the U.S. In addition, it works with a portfolio of companies in the technology, hardware, cultivation, and production industries. 

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