Tropical storm Khanun no immediate threat to Thailand

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) on Friday reaffirmed that tropical storm Khanun, which is moving to the middle of the South China Sea, will have no direct impact on Thailand for several days.

In its latest announcement on weather conditions at 4pm on Friday, the department said tropical storm Khanun is over the middle of the South China Sea, moving west at a speed of 28km per hour towards Hainan, China and upper Vietnam. 

From Oct 15-17, the tropical storm is forecast to lose energy quickly after it makes landfall over upper Vietnam. No direct impact is expected on Thailand for several days, the department said.

A monsoon trough currently lies across the lower Central region and the upper South, while a high pressure system still extends from China to Laos and upper Vietnam. The southwest monsoon prevails across the Andaman Sea. Outbreaks of rain with isolated downpours over Thailand are predicted during this period, said the department.

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