US announces altered travel restrictions

International passengers arrive at Dulles International Airport, just outside Washington, DC. (Reuters file photo)

Travellers from eight countries will face restrictions on entry to the U.S, ranging from a total ban to more targeted restrictions, under a new proclamation signed by President Donald Trump Sunday.

The proclamation does not affect Thailand, Thai citizens or the Asean region.

The new rules, which will impact the citizens of Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Somalia, Syria, Venezuela and Yemen, will go into effect on Oct 18. Officials stressed that valid visas would not be revoked as a result of the proclamation.

Some countries will face full bans. Others are more tailored, such as restrictions impacting Venezuela, which will only apply to certain government officials and their families

Trump’s controversial ban on visitors from six Muslim-majority countries expired Sunday, 90 days after it went into effect.

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