Warrant sought for owner of dead puppies

An arrest warrant is now being sought for a sixth-year Mahidol University medical student accused of killing at least one if not two of his pet Pomeranian puppies to claim the insurance money after he twice failed to respond to a police summons, officers said yesterday.

Pol Col Termpao Siriphubarn, superintendent of the Sutthisan police station in Bangkok, said investigators have asked the Criminal Court to approve a warrant for Phattarapong Songsapkul, 24, on charges of fraud.

He said Sutthisan police will share information with Pho Klang police in Nakhon Ratchasima’s Muang district, who are investigating whether the student is guilty of animal cruelty.

Last Sunday, Mr Phattarapong answered the animal cruelty charge with Pho Klang investigators after a summons was sent to his house the previous Wednesday.

He spent around 30 minutes with investigators and was later released. He denied the allegation and said he would defend himself in court.

The student was summoned after a forensic examination confirmed several tablets found in the second puppy’s stomach were medicine to reduce human blood pressure. They are believed to have caused the dog’s death.

Mr Phattarapong hired a pet delivery company to transport his pet from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima, his home province, early this month.

But after arriving at an animal hospital there the dog was pronounced dead.

He demanded the firm honour a 50,000-baht insurance policy but it refused and asked a pet hospital to conduct an autopsy.

The incident involving his other puppy dates back to July.

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